CFEO has developed a method of connecting an individual from prison to a local church. The process begins with initial contact from an individual and suitability assessment by the CFEO team. If initial suitability criteria are met, risk assessments are carried out, the safeguarding team is spoken to and if suitability is confirmed, the individual is connected with a trained mentor.


The resources relating to the care of ex-offenders made available on this website are intended to outline the approach taken by Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) in our work with and care for ex-offenders. HTB does not make any representations that this is the best or only approach to take and each individual or church who views these materials must make their own determination and use them at their own risk. We advise you always to consider your own context, carry out your own risk assessment of your activity in this area and ensure that your activity complies with all relevant legislation.


A flowchart of the process used at Holy Trinity Brompton can be found here: Connection Process

The CFEO Handbook for Churches is a resource designed for any church who wants to develop an ex-offender ministry in their own community and context, and offers practical tips on setting up a team and issues to consider when supporting individuals as they leave prison.

Below are links to word templates of the forms that CFEO uses in the connection process:

Initial Contact Postcard - this is a way to be made aware of a prisoner’s interest in support

Referral Form - this must be completed and signed by the individual in order to progress the case and obtain permission to request information from their chaplain and resettlement or probation officers

Chaplain's Supporting Assessment - this provides valuable insight into the character of the individual and the type of support that will be required

Risk Assessment - this can be completed by inside or outside probation but CFEO has found that offender managers are best place to provide the necessary information in a timely manner

New Member Agreement - this describes the responsibilities of both the church and the ex-offender in the relationship, and should be tailored to the specific circumstances of that relationship