Looking for support

If you are an ex-offender and would like to receive support from a local church, please do get in touch.

CFEO can try and find you a local church in London who will help support you with mentoring and practical assistance.

The church team will stand alongside you through the process of reintegration. This may include help with finding accommodation, writing a CV or connecting with local support agencies.

The first step is to fill out one of our referral forms and send it back to us at the address below.

Prison Chaplain or Resettlement Officer

If you know of an individual in your care who is resettling to London and is suitable to be supported by CFEO, please do get in touch.

CFEO provides one to one mentoring through a local church team, ideally in the area to which an individual is being released. The mentor is encouraged to write to and visit the individual prior to release and then meet them at the gate.

We require the individual to fill out a referral form and also carry out risk assessments which includes a Chaplain's Assessment and Risk Assessment.


Church member

If you are part of a church that would like to develop an ex-offender ministry, you can find an example process and template forms under The CFEO model.

If you would like to visit Holy Trinity Brompton to see how we support ex-offenders or if you are based in London and are interested in CFEO training, please contact us.

CFEO also holds networking events for London churches to find out more about prison ministry, connect with each other and learn more about support agencies that can help ex-offenders. Please contact us for more information.


If you have any further questions please do contact us.

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