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The Live £46, Give £46 Challenge!

Live £46, Give £46

Did you know that when people leave prison they are only given £46 to live on?

The discharge grant is meant to cover the seven days after release until formal support systems kick in. But benefits can take up to 5 weeks to come in, and that person might have been in prison for months, or even years, and come out with no job, no phone, no oyster card, no food or water, and possibly nowhere to live could you live for a week on £46?

How it Works

Join the CFEO Team in the £46 challenge from 13th-19th May! (Your bills may be direct debits, so this is just food, travel and your social life!)

Follow our progress on Twitter, and if you’re participating too, let us know how it goes for you! We'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts.

At the end of the week, give £46 to CFEO. Your donation will allow us to help people who are leaving prison meeting them at the gate, connecting them to mentors and supportive church communities, and helping with practical issues too.

Three ways to participate

1) Live on £46 for a week, and give £46

2) Just give £46

3) Fly the flag- live on £46 for a week, give £46, and ask other people to give too

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